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one direction literally has to do nothing anymore like we are crying over things that happened two years ago



(p.s. these are just ones off the top of my head i know there’s way more)

  • lab partners in chemistry class au
  • roommates in college au
  • hogwarts au!!
  • both work as characters at disney world au
  • both got lead roles in a musical au
  • titanic au
  • 1920s au
  • florist au
  • long-lost childhood friends reunited years later au
  • fake boyfriend/girlfriend/lovers/married couple au
  • figure skating partners au
  • photographer/model au
  • actors in a romcom who actually end up falling in love au
  • medieval/renaissance era au
  • ancient greece au
  • marching band au seriously why aren’t there any of these
  • orchestra/symphony au
  • pianist and piano student au
  • one is blind and falls in love with the other’s voice au
  • running a bakery together au
  • "why do we keep running into each other everywhere" au
  • camp counselors au
  • popular musician and rookie musician au
  • artist au
  • bestselling author and harsh critic au
  • best friends since childhood turned lovers au
  • tumblr crush au
  • cosplayed as a popular ship accidentally on comic con au
  • rivals in a popular online game au
  • seat partners on a plane ride au
  • forbidden love between royalty and peasant au
  • accidentally swapped phones/laptops au
  • ice cream shop au
  • stuck in an elevator together au
  • youtube au
  • wedding planner falling for the bride/groom au
  • bookstore au
  • starfleet au
  • met at a karaoke club au
  • found their number on a bathroom stall au
  • flatmates au
  • one is deaf and the other learns sign languages for them au

louis zayn / club / 29/08/2014

» chain me to your heart's desire for louisxharry


Rating: General audiences

Wordcount: 11,059

Warnings: None applied

Summary: “I can handle the pain,” Louis reassures before he grins. “What about you, Harry? Do you like pain?”

For a moment, Harry is too flustered to reply because Louis is awfully gorgeous and somehow even more so when he’s smiling. “Love it,” he replies without thinking and then turns ten shades darker, ducking his head as Louis laughs delightedly.

“Oh, I like you,” Louis declares before gesturing towards his arm again. “Patch me up, doc.”

Harry is somewhat familiar with hearts. Louis is somewhat familiar with stealing. The only thing Louis ever steals from Harry is his heart.



How to make your own deodorant.

How to make pigtails without a part.

How to make your own fragrances.

How to have Game of Thrones hair.

How to make horn buns.


How to make a lolita dress.

How to make bloomers.

How to make a dress form.

How to make glass lanterns.

How to make comic shoes.

How to make cute hair bows.

How to sew some neat skirts!

How to make plastic keychains.

How to make cosplay armor.

How to make lip stain.

How to make a giant squid.

How to make a flower crown.


Pixar movies.

Hayao Miyazaki movies.

Disney movies.

Dreamworks movies.

Movies to watch when it’s raining.

Great science fiction movies.


How to draw correct proportions.

How to draw/shade faces and folds.

How to draw animal noses.

How to create skin tone palettes.

Fashion inspiration.

How to draw bat wings.

Hairstyle inspiration (for girls).

Good typography fonts.

How to draw boobs.

How to shade (water and cell).

Instant art assignment.

Pretty cool ideas.

How to make a repeating pattern.


How to pack luggage.

How to work out like a dork.

How to fix your sore throat.

How to answer a job interview.

How to always get the best deals.

How to dress to the nines.

How to disappear.

How to go on a cute date.

How to not get raped.

How to bypass expensive wifi.

How to balance a checkbook.

How to catch shinies.

How to fight.


What can I cook?

Vegan recipes.

How to cook ramen.

How to handle your leftovers.

How to make Harry Potter Drinks.

How to make good spaghetti.

How to make hummus.

How to make green smoothies.

How to make a salad.

How to cook with tofu.

How to make eggs.

How to make dildo popsicles.

feeling crummy?

You’re worthwhile.

Letting it out doesn’t have to leave a scar.

Your emotions are valid.

It’s a beautiful world.

Take care of yourself (ftm).

You are beautiful.

(No matter what you say.)

You’re the best!

How to live.

Lot’s of people love you.

You’re wonderful even if you don’t see it yourself.

You deserve to relax.

Slow down.

This earth is incredible.

You deserve life.

You deserve life.

You deserve life.

You deserve life.

» All We Seem To Do Is Talk About Sex


Rating: Explicit 

Words: 2,437

Chapters: 1/1

Summary: “Listen.” Zayn bangs a fist down on the little coffee table in front of the sofa. “This isn’t about clothes. I don’t care what any of you do with your dirty boxers as long as I don’t have to touch them. Anyway, not the point. This is most definitely a sex related intervention.”

Or; Harry and Louis are facing a tour-bus-sex-ban and are forced to take matters into their own hands.


Ed Sheeran on getting confused by Rupert Grint and vice versa


@Allie_z24: What is this omg 5/5 omfg I’m shaking


harry messing up and singing louis’ verse in “diana” (x)






are you happy that they got together?

im happy that they’re good friends

if that

“Thank you to Karen and Geoff who did the deed 21 years and 9 months ago and gave us this ball of sunshine” — Harry being a fucking MENACE FOR LIAM’S BIRTHDAY (via gangstapayne)


remember like 2 years ago when christmas stopped feeling like christmas for some reason